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Useful Traveling Advice

Here are the top trips to make you an expert traveler in no time! It’s easy to make mistakes in the beginning, but never fear! This list will help you get the most out of every travel experience you have!

Here are the problems I have encountered, and how to avoid them.

Never Forget to Pack a Towel

It’s easy to forget, but a rogue rainstorm can easily leave you soaking wet! Don’t leave home without one! It weighs practically nothing and can really help in a pinch.

Pack as Light As Possible

I once watched a friend lug a 5 piece sutcase set all throughout Europe. He became so frustrated he eventually resorted to chucking his luggage down the stairs in sheer defeat. Don’t be like my friend, pack as light as your trip allows, and purchase necessities only once you arrive. I aim for about $150-$200 as a fund to spend on essentials once I arrive, otherwise you are going to have a hard time lugging all of your luggage around the world like a lunatic.

Take More Socks

Yes, take more socks that you think you need, your feet WILL stink to high heaven, and these will be your saving grace. You can thank me later.

Cell Phone

Make sure you get an international plan or sim card, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no phone or internet. This can literally save you life, plus it can show you where all of the best restaurants are. Win win!

Bring a Lock

Thieves abound in many locales, be sure to secure all of your items and make sure nothing will be stolen. Be smart and protect yourself.

Learn the Local Language

Invest some time and learn the language, you will make more friends and not be seen as a dumb tourist. You don’t need to be perfect, shoot for 90% and watch the number of people on plant Earth you can communicate with skyrocket!