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Tools to Use While Traveling

Listed below are some more tools that are very useful when on the go, feel free to look them up and get the most out of your next trip!


One of my personal favorite travel tools is, it makes it simple to find deals for air travel across multiple airlines and dates, simply enter your destination and travel dates, and it can even include nearby airports and dates a few days in between. For maximum savings, I optimally shoot to depart and arrive between a Tuesday and Thursday, having flexibility in your schedule allows for the best possible savings.


AirBNB is an amazing site to utilize if you’re looking to book a unique travel stay. People who have extra space and a home not being used simply list it on here and allow travelers to stay for a price oftentimes way lower than what it would cost for a hostel of much lower quality in the city.


Mint is an app that links to your bank account and allows you to track income and spending. It’s a great tool to help save money for that next adventure. It is even possible to set goals and budgets and is a handy way to get you on that next big trip.


Incredible amount of Music to keep you entertained on the move, stream it or save it locally for listening when no wifi or data is available. Over 15 million songs available, either $10 per month subscription or listen for free with ads.

Word Lens

Translate a foreign language, simply snap a photo of the sign with foreign language and have it translated immediately!