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Android Travel Apps Takes Good Care of You

Proper planning makes all the difference between stressful trips and a restful, rushed, worry-free vacation, whether it’s just a quick weekend getaway or traveling during the height of vacation season. Luckily, mobile apps are here to help. They are useful in trip planners, online marketplaces and itinerary generators for flights and hotels, there’s no shortage of apps designed to assist the tech-savvy traveler. Here are some of the best Android travel apps that could be of excellent help on your next trip.

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Google Trips

This app does it all, it turns your Smartphone into an all-in-one travel assistant, combining travel reservations and itineraries from your emails into automatically sorted trips. Google automatically organizes your flight details, tour itineraries, hotel, and car bookings, and other information available in your emails, while also providing suggested day plans, recommendations,  attractions based on your tastes, related local sights and, interests and local travel tips. It helps the users save their trip details locally to their Smartphone, allowing for offline use away from pricey roaming rates or local Wi-Fi.


When traveling, not every flight makes it on time. There are always flight cancellations or missed connections which can deep-six even a well-planned trip. Well, AirHelp is at hand to help you file compensation claims for delayed or canceled flights. To make a claim, you need to fill in your details and scan your boarding pass or flight details. If the details are correct, AirHelp will help you process it, handling the necessary paperwork and legal action if required. If the request is a success, you get the money deposited straight into your account at a minus fee.


This is your crowd-sourced guide to restaurants, hotels, and attractions worldwide. This app allows you to browse through millions of videos, reviews, and images featuring various establishments worldwide. It is also easy to access contact details; search for nearby establishments; check out airfares; posting your reviews, pictures, and entries for the places you visit. It also comes with some handy “Near Me Now” features to alert you of nearby points of interest.

Google Translate

This app is handy for international travelers. It can convert words, phrases and short sentences from one language to another. With a touch of a button, the app presenting you with translated text or a short synthesized voice message. Furthermore, visual translation features have just been added, which mean it allows you to convert signage and text with the aid of your camera. The app’s translation abilities continue to grow day by day, with 103 languages available for text translation with a data connection, 37 languages in camera mode, 59 languages offline, and 32 languages for live, two-way voice translations.


Mobile phones are essential tools for travelers. You can do a lot in the palm of your hand. With a touch of a button, you can book hotels, book flights, find pit stops, and find out all kinds of information. A majority of people depend on their mobile phones for travel.